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Maileg – vår- och sommarkollektion 2024

Äntligen är vår- och sommarnyheterna från Maileg här. Du kan förbeställa dina favoriter redan nu!

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Maileg - furniture

Beds, sofas, tables and chairs. Here you will find furniture for your Maileg house.

Maileg - accessories

All the accessories you need to make playing with all the mice and rabbits more fun.

Maileg – mice

All cute mice from Maileg collected in one place. Find your favorite!

Miniatures for the dollhouse

Small, smaller, least – we have miniatures for the dollhouse, the peeping cupboard or the decorative shelf. Let the play begin with miniature toys that fit Maileg just as well as other dolls and animals.

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Miniature - more for the dollhouse!

Miniatures for dollhouses, dollhouses, peeping cabinets or decorative shelves.

A world of Maileg

See all our products from Maileg. Pick and choose among mice, rabbits, clothes, accessories, furniture and more. Little less than least, Mailegs loves fine things and all the beauty for the dollhouse or castle. Let the play begin with toys and stuffed animals from Maileg.

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Maileg - rabbits

The finest of rabbits from Maileg gathered with us. Find your friend!

Maileg - clothes for mice

Change, change, change! Get a wardrobe full of clothes for all the mice in the family.

Mer från Maileg

Här kan du hitta allt från gosedjur, skallror, servetter och tandaskar från Maileg.

Silly Silas

Beautiful and durable tights with practical braces for babies and toddlers in 100% organic cotton, the pants are available in several colors and models.

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Silly Silas

Trendy leggings with braces in 100% organic cotton.

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Bake with Alma

Baking with children - for little bakers who can do it themselves ! Bake with your child and let the child show that he can do it himself! Simple recipe and nice accessories for more fun and easier baking.

Everything from Baka with Alma

Bake with Alma

Let the children bake with the help of Bake with Alma 's baking book and accessories.