Collection: Baka med Alma tillbehör

För att bli en liten bagare behövs bra baktillbehör som gör bakning och matlagning enklare, lättare och definitivt roligare. Med allt från skålar, slevar och formar kan den lilla bagaren skapa sin fina kaka och bjuda på en härlig fika eller god matbit.

Bake with Alma, baking book and accessories for baking with children

Bake with Alma , Sprinkle Cake, is a fantastic baking book for children! With Baka med Alma's baking book, little master bakers can explore an exciting new recipe and learn the basics of baking in a fun and interactive way.

With the help of Bake with Alma's educational and easy-to-understand guide and stickers, your children can get into the kitchen and start baking on their own. Baking with Alma's simple and tasty recipes are designed to suit both beginners and slightly more experienced bakers, so everyone can learn and have fun together.

The book comes with practical accessories, such as a bowl, measuring set, ladle, apron and a baker's hat, these help make baking even more interactive and fun. With the accessories, your children can recognize themselves in the book and feel like real bakers, with everything they need to create their own delicious baked goods.

Baking is a great way for children to develop their creative abilities and learn about cooking and food science in a fun, educational and interactive way. And with Baka med Alma's baking book for children, little master bakers can do just that – with joy and simplicity.

So why wait? Give your children the perfect gift, Bake with Alma's baking book "Strösselkaka" and the accessories that go with it, and let them start discovering the fantastic world of baking today!